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The Spike Lab is both a college admissions consultancy and a startup incubator for high schoolers. We coach students to build a passion-project that we call a “Spike”.


Johns Hopkins ‘22

Learn how Jessica turned her interest in medicine into an inspiring initiative to help thousands of kids mentally prepare for reconstructive surgery.


Wharton (Penn) ‘22

Learn how Yani’s passion for sustainable energy and fitness transformed her school’s gym into a STEM-classroom and electricity generator that helped power her school.

Our Students


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meet our coaches

Lloyd Nimetz

Stanford MBA ’08 + Williams BA ’01

Serial entrepreneur and startup investor. Founder or director of 3 education programs.

Larry Liu

Michigan MA ’08 + BS ’07

Founder of 2 education companies. AP and IB high school teacher for 6 years.

Theo Wolf

Cornell BA ’13

Consultant to education companies. Playwright and Hollywood script writer.

Find Your Spike

Learn about our 6-stage Spike Incubation program. Following this roadmap, any self-motivated high schooler can find their passion, identify a great Spike idea and successfully launch it into the world.

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