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“College Admissions Seminar” Asia Tour!

“College Admissions Seminar” Asia Tour!

“College Admissions Seminar” Asia Tour! 1138 970 Katherine

As a result of the Harvard Affirmative Action lawsuit trial documents recently made public, we know exactly how the Harvard admissions process works. This seminar will give you a synthesis of our most important finding and take an insider look at what it takes to get into top tier US colleges.

Speakers will be Lloyd Nimetz and Larry Liu. Lloyd is the Founder of The Spike Lab, Former Director of 4.0 Schools, Co-founder of Dev Bootcamp NYC and Stanford MBA Grad. Larry is the Co-founder of The Spike Lab, CEO of Pomegranate Lab, former AP and IB high school teacher and UMich + Columbia Teachers College Grad.

Date: August 15th
Venue: Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre

Date: August 16th
Venue: Beijing Four Seasons Hotel

Date: August 21st
Venue: PaperClip Hong Kong

Date: August 24th
Venue: Taipei Sheraton Grand Hotel


Marketing and Operations Manager at The Spike Lab.

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