• COVID-19 Update: All coaching sessions are conducted remotely and the crisis has not impacted our operations.

Community Associate

Community Associate

Community Associate 150 150 Theo Wolf

The Spike Lab

We are looking to hire a highly motivated and accomplished young professional seeking a sales and marketing role in a rapidly growing company. The Spike Lab (TSL) is an education company that runs a youth entrepreneurship program (1-on-1 coaching sessions, 100% video conferencing) that helps students launch a “Spike,” a multi-year project uncommon among teens, based on genuine passion and a deep sense of purpose. The Community Associate will play a key role in expanding The Spike Lab’s footprint across Asia and the United States, supporting the company leadership, coaches and families. Our coaching model has always been conducted online and is therefore counter-cyclical to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Our student demand is now at an inflection point which has created the need for this new hire: someone to manage our growing English-speaking sales funnel, preferably based out of our Taipei office.

We are looking for someone who is excited to interact daily with prospective families and partners to enable The Spike Lab to scale quickly. This is also someone who is extremely detail-oriented and has strong communication skills in English (and ideally some ability in Mandarin also). Most importantly it’s someone who is mission-driven and passionate about our coaching model and vision. You will have the opportunity to work with a uniquely global and diverse team with deep entrepreneurship, business, and education experience — all alumni from top US universities like Stanford, Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Cornell, Michigan, Williams, Pomona and Georgetown.

What you’ll be doing

Deal Management

  • Responsible for everything related to the sales funnel domain: managing a healthy and successful sales funnel, which is defined overall as all prospective families having a high quality sales experience, and that sales interactions are effective to drive conversions. Key metrics include: new students, ICs, sales responsiveness (not overdue in Pipedrive), and deal progression (combo of time spent in each stage and % converting to next stage):
    • Top of the Sales Funnel: Owner of all English-speaking deals (prospective clients). Responsible for communications with families to set up sales meetings with our founders, Lloyd or Larry.
    • Bottom of the Sales Funnel: Larry and Lloyd are owner of all deals. You are in a critical support role, responsible for scheduling follow-up sales meetings, maintaining Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data, helping respond to follow up questions, supporting Larry and Lloyd to instantiate the initial coaching plans/personalized coaching roadmaps (ICPs) and other interactions to support Larry and Lloyd steward deals toward being closed.
    • CRM. Maintaining accurate data for all deals, reporting and updating other data integration needs to make our Sales organization is more productive.
    • Overall Sales metrics tracking and reporting. Responsible for designing the best ways to track and report to the team on our KPIs and overall sales outcomes.
    • Deal management continuous improvement. This includes proposing and prototyping improvements to our sales systems to make sales more efficient, responsive, high quality and scalable: i.e. creating and managing sales communication automations wherever appropriate.
  • Event Marketing Support. Supporting the Community Manager to:
    • Manage Pre-event promotion to new event signups
    • Manage event logistics
    • Manage post-event communications
    • Support role to Marketing Director in event promotion

Partner Management

  • In the future, this role will be responsible for communications with prospective partners (i.e. admissions consultancies, etc) to set up sales meetings with Lloyd or Larry and manage the sales funnel for partners.

Copy-writing, Editing

  • Co-manage English social media channels
  • Co-manage English email marketing/newsletter

General Support

  • Approximately 10-20% of your time should be allocated towards supporting other team members’ efforts like lead gen for events, content marketing, collateral creation and more, but it’s important to recognize that these are to support others and not your core roles and responsibilities.
What we’re looking for 
  • Relatable, highly persuasive communicator (both verbal and written)
  • A fast learner and creative thinker
  • Good at managing ambiguity and large workloads: strong task prioritization & management
  • Mission-driven & passionate about our model and vision
  • Bachelor’s degree from a respected American university (preferred)
  • 2 years experience working at a predominantly English-speaking company (preferred)
  • 2 years experience in Sales, Marketing or Communications roles (preferred)
  • Experience working with sales funnel and marketing automation tools (such as Salesforce, Pipedrive, Mailchimp, WordPress, etc) (preferred)
  • Fluent in spoken and written English
  • Fluent or conversational in Mandarin (preferred)
  • Strengths: People Management, Sales, Communications, Copy-writing, Interpersonal Relations, and Software Management
  • Experience within a company transitioning from startup stage to growth stage (preferred)

Job Details 

  • NTD60-70,000 monthly. Compensation is commensurate with Taiwanese salary ranges for high-performing sales professionals. This is the equivalent of a US$2000-2400 monthly salary. For reference, the cost of living in Taipei is 58% cheaper than NYC.
  • Quarterly team bonus structure based on achieving performance goals.
  • Semi-annual return flights to America for team retreats.
  • Irregular working hours to support the CEO and CMO who are NYC-based. Required to work evenings three (3) days per week (i.e. 2-11pm). However, you will also have flexibility in managing your own schedule and paid time off.
    Working alongside our Taiwan team in our Taipei office but able to work fully remotely when necessary (such as during the current COVID-19 pandemic).
  • Full benefits included.

This position is a great opportunity to get involved on the ground level of a rapidly growing company with an important mission and to work closely with the company’s founders and an international network of coaches, families and partner organizations. There is ample room for growth in this role.

US citizens who are excited by the prospect of moving to Taipei, (consistently ranked as the #1 city in the world for expats) are encouraged to apply (moving wouldn’t happen until the pandemic is over and Taiwan has reopened its borders). Taiwanese citizens who fit the qualifications are also welcome to apply.

To apply for this job please email your resume and cover letter to jobs@thespikelab.com