• COVID-19 Update: All coaching sessions are conducted remotely and the crisis has not impacted our operations.

our program

Our program coaches high school students through the process of launching a Spike and everything else necessary to get into a top US university.

Boost Your College Admissions Profile

Build Something Meaningful: a “Spike”

Develop a Sense of Purpose

Master Innovation & Leadership Abilities

The 1st program to combine

Admissions Consulting


Spike Incubation

6 Stages of Spike Incubation

1. Self-Discovery

  • Identify the deep interests that can lead to a great Spike.
  • Build self-awareness related to your sense of purpose and your innovation and entrepreneurship skills.

2. Identification

  • Brainstorm, strategize and select a Spike idea.
  • Deepen your Spike-related expertise and skills.

3. Validation

  • Define your Spike idea at more depth: go from idea to model and strategy.
  • Network, interview and run tests to validate the key assumptions in the model and reduce the risk associated with the idea.

4. Launch

  • Execute on the go-to-market plan, launching a minimal yet viable version of the Spike into the world.

5. Traction

  • Pivot and/or continuously improve on your Spike idea to reach a critical mass of early adopters.

6. Scale

  • Grow the Spike in terms of impact and users/audience.
  • Amplify the Spike with recognition: prizes, awards and media coverage.

4 Stages of Admissions Consulting

1. Guidance Counseling

  • Define your college candidacy story: Figure out who you want to become in high school.
  • Create a plan to make this story come true and follow through.
  • Receive guidance on course selection, standardized tests, recommendation letters and more.
  • Get thorough support researching and applying to/networking into summer programs and internships.

2. College List

  • Leverage our research, knowledge and networks to learn about colleges.
  • Select a list of reach, match and safety colleges that are the best fit for you.

3. Applications

  • Map your college candidacy story to a wholistic application strategy.
  • Get comprehensive support with all sections of your applications, especially with your personal essay and supplemental essays.

4. Post-Applications

  • Receive guidance with post-application updates, final decision-making and preparing for college.

Program Details

Weekly Coaching:
90 Minutes
Unlimited Concierge:
30 Minute Sessions
Anytime Chat:
24/7 Support
Conducted Remotely
(Zoom & Google Drive)
3 months
Starter Package
Options to continue beyond 3 months


This is a selective program. Our requirements include:

Highly Motivated or High-achieving

English: Fluent or highly proficient

8-11th grade

Planning to apply to US colleges

Our Students


admitted to their reach colleges!


  • Most of our students start in 9th, 10th and 11th grade, but we accept students as early as 7th grade. The earlier a student identifies and starts developing their Spike, the more likely it will lead to a great outcome. However, developing a Spike is challenging, and many younger students are not yet mature enough to take it on. Since our program is a fully personalized 1:1 coaching program, students can start any day they want.

  • A Spike is something that evolves and grows throughout high school and, often, beyond. It doesn’t end when our core Spike coaching program ends. Our program is designed to help jump-start students on the path to finding and developing extraordinary Spikes. In 26 weeks, students can identify, launch, get initial traction and sometimes start to grow their Spikes, but how fast they develop their Spike really depends on the student and the type of Spike.

  • After the initial core program ends, we offer an array of post-program coaching options to continue to support our students. Each student can choose the program that’s right for him or herself. The post-program options include:

    • Full Coaching (every week, same as core program)
    • Part-Time Coaching (every other week)
    • Concierge Coaching (open office hours and 24/7 messaging)
    • Quarterly Check-in (one meeting every quarter)*
    • Wild Card (we’re open to other arrangements that families might prefer.)
    • Application Coaching (application coaching during Senior Fall semester)

    * Quarterly Check-ins are offered for free to all our students from the end of their core program until the end of their freshman year in college to make sure they successfully navigate the sometimes difficult transition to college.

  • Yes! Many of our students don’t want or need admissions support. They care most about building a meaningful project and developing themselves to be more entrepreneurial, innovative and purposeful young adults. If college admissions is not a concern for you or if you feel you have it covered, then we can customize your coaching to not include any admissions consulting.

  • Yes, we work with a lot of students who just want us to help them with the typical college applications process. You won’t have enough time to build a Spike, but we will assist you 1:1 in everything else, i.e. “best-fit” college list, crafting your college candidacy story, crafting strong holistic applications, essay support, and more. For students who did not complete the Spike Coaching Program, we recommend that they start in June before their senior year.

  • Most of our students meet their coaches online via video conference. For students based in New York City, Hong Kong or Taipei, we also do in-person coaching sessions whenever possible, but it’s not required. Our coaches are trained and experienced at making online video conferencing as effective as in-person meetings and the convenience saves a lot of time. Online coaching also enables students to work with us from all over the world.

  • Our program is fully customizable in terms of curriculum and number of weeks, so costs will vary from family to family. At the end of the trial program, a coach will provide a roadmap along with a recommended number of sessions. Please set up a consultation session to learn more about our program and to get more pricing information or sign up for the trial program.