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When Each College Posts Their 2019 Admissions Decisions

When Each College Posts Their 2019 Admissions Decisions

When Each College Posts Their 2019 Admissions Decisions 800 230 Theo Wolf

If you’re a high school senior, you’re likely going through the anxiety-inducing process of waiting to hear back from colleges. This post helps a little bit by at least giving you a better sense of when you’re likely to get their admissions decisions. Each school has its own notification date, and it can be a huge pain to figure out and keep track of when those notification dates.

That’s why reddit user u/cheesypig58707 took on the altruistic task of compiling a massive list of the notification dates at a variety of universities. We have provided a portion of that list below.

The bolded date is the official confirmed date, while anything in italics with HP next to it means “Historical Precedent.” That’s when these schools have sent the results out in the past and when you can expect them (but not for certain) to probably come out this year.

We’ve cut some schools from the original complete list to focus on the ones that are most relevant to our students (top 50 universities and liberal arts colleges, plus a few specialized schools, mostly from our full list here). For the complete list, see the original reddit post here.

Amherst College: first week of April. Link March 23/24. Evening (HP)

American University: Mailed week of March 18, received by March 31. Link

Barnard College: March 26. Link

Bates College: by April 1. Link March 17/18 (HP)

Boston College: week of March 17, (March 17–23)March 16/22 (HP)

Boston University (BU): March 23Link March 17/18. Possible starting in the morning. (HP)

Bowdoin College: by April 1. LinkMarch 16/17. 7:00 PM EST (HP)

Brandeis University: by April 1. Link. March 23 (HP)

Brown University: March 28. Ivy Day. 5–7 PM EST.

Bryn Mawr College: by April 1. Link

California Institute of Technology (CalTech): March 9. LinkMarch 10 (HP)

Carnegie Mellon University (CMU): March 30th at 9:00 am.Link

Carleton College: by April 1. LinkMarch 22, 2018 at 9:00 EST(HP)

Case Western Reserve University: March 20. LinkMarch 17. 8:00 PM EST (HP)

Claremont-McKenna College: March 22. 5:00 PM PST. Link

Colby College: by April 1. Link. March 17. 3:00 PM EST. (HP)

Colgate University: March 23. 1:13 PM EST. LinkMarch 17. 1:13 PM EST (HP)

Colorado College: late-March. Link.

Columbia University: March 28. Ivy Day. 5–7 PM EST.

Connecticut College: late-March. Link

Cooper Union: by April 1. Link

Cornell University: March 28. Ivy Day. 5–7 PM EST.

Dartmouth College: March 28. Ivy Day. 5–7 PM EST.

Davidson College: mid-March. Link

Duke University: March 30. Link March 29 (HP)

Emory University: by April 1. LinkScholars: by February 20. March 22. 6:00 PM EST (HP)

Fordham University: by April 1. Link

Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech): March 9. 12:00 PM EST. Link

Georgetown University: by April 1. LinkMarch 26 (HP)

George Washington University: by early April. LinkMarch 29th(HP)

Grinnell College: late-March, early-April. Link.

Hamilton College: March 20. 8PM EST. Link

Harvard University: March 28. Ivy Day. 5–7 PM EST.

Harvey Mudd College: by April 1. Link. March 16, 2017 at 6 PM PT. (HP)

Haverford College: March 15. LinkSome decisions might already be out.

Johns Hopkins University (JHU): March 15. 3:00 PM EST. Link.

Kenyon College: mid-March. Link. March 16. 6:00 PM EST. (HP)

Macalester College: March 10. Link

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): March 14. 6:28 PM EST.

Michigan State University: March 31. Link February 14 (HP)

Middlebury College: March 23. Link

Mount Holyoke: April 1. LinkMarch 16 (HP)

New York University (NYU): March 28. 6:00 PM EST. Link

Northeastern University: by April 1. LinkMarch 13–21 (HP)

Northwestern University: late March. LinkMarch 17–21. Around 7:00 PM EST. (HP)

Olin College of Engineering: by April 1. March 24/26 (HP)

Pepperdine University: by April 1. Link

Pennsylvania State University: March 31 (rolling). Link

Pitzer College: by April 1. Link. March 19 (HP)

Pomona College: March 15. 5:00 PM PDT. Link. March 15–17. After 8:00 PM EST (HP)

Princeton University: March 28. Ivy Day. 5–7 PM EST.

Purdue University: by March 15. LinkSome decisions are already out.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI): March 9. Link.

Rhode Island School of Design: mailed the third week of March. Link.

Rice University: by April 1. LinkMarch 22 (HP)

Scripps College: by April 1. Link

Smith College: March 22. 5:00 PM EST. Link. March 23. 6:00 PM ET (HP)

Stanford University: by April 1. LinkMarch 29 (expected)/30/31st. 7:00 PM EST (HP)

Swarthmore College: March 15. 7:00 PM EST. Link March 16/17. 7:00 PM EST (HP)

The University of Texas at Austin: March 1. Link

Tufts University: by April 1. LinkMarch 29/30 (HP)

Tulane University: by April 1. LinkSome decisions are already out. (HP)

Union College: late-March. Link March 24th (HP)

University of British Columbia (Canada): February-May (rolling). Link

University of Connecticut: starts March 1 (rolling). Link

University of California (Berkeley): March 28. Link. March 29/30. 8:00 PM EST. (HP)

University of California (Davis): March 8. Link. March 8. (HP)

University of California (Irvine): by March 31. Link. March 19. (HP)

University of California (Los Angeles): by March 31. Link.March 16/17. 5:00 PM — 7:00 PM EST. (HP)

University of California (Riverside): by March 31. LinkSome decisions are already out.

University of California (San Diego): by March 31. Link. March 15. (HP)

University of California (Santa Barbara): around March 19.Link

University of California (Santa Cruz): around March 15–20.LinkSome decisions are already out.

University of Chicago (UChicago): March 15. Late-afternoon (CT). LinkMarch 13–17th. (HP)

University of Colorado Boulder: March 2. Link March 3. (HP)

University of Florida: February 8th. 5:30 PM EST. Link

University of Georgia: March 15. Link. March 16/17th. 4:00–5:00 PM EST. (HP)

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign: March 1. 4:00 PM CT.Link

University of Miami: early-April. Link

University of Michigan: early April. Link. 5:00 PM EST (Waves)

University of North Carolina (UNC): late March. Link

University of Notre Dame: late March. LinkMarch 18 (HP). Likely letters received Feb 22.

University of Pennsylvania (UPenn): March 28Ivy Day. 5–7 PM EST.

University of Rochester: by April 1. LinkSome decisions are already out.

University of Southern California (USC): by April 1. LinkMarch 25. (HP)

University of Toronto (Canada): February, March, or May. Link

University of Virginia (U.V.A): late March. LinkMarch 22. 6:00 PM EST (HP)

University of Washington (UW): March 1–15. Link

University of Wisconsinby end of MarchLink

Vanderbilt University: late March. LinkMarch 23–28. 5:30PM EST (HP)

Vassar College: late March. Link.

Villanova University: by April 1. LinkMarch 23. 5:30PM EST. (HP)

Wake Forest: by April 1. Link

Washington and Lee University: by April 1. LinkMarch 23–25. 8PM EST. (HP)

Washington University (WashU): by April 1. LinkMarch 10–15. 5:30PM EST. (HP)

Wellesley College: late March. Link

Wesleyan University: late March. LinkMarch 23, 24, 25 (HP)

William & Mary: by April 1. LinkMarch 23. (HP)

Williams College: by April 1LinkMarch 15/22. Evening (HP)

Yale University: March 28. Ivy Day. 5–7 PM EST.

Yale-NUS College: April 1. Link